It is very common that you log messages while developing an Android app. And you must be writing below code all the time in each of your activity.

private static final String TAG = "MyActivity";
// Or
private static final String TAG = YouActivity.class.getName();
Log.d(TAG, "Your message goes here");

Right? So now in Kotlin, We can take advantage of extension function to remove TAG from each activity and have it once in extension function.

But, What it is an Extension function?

Extension functions allow us to extend the functionality of classes without having to touch its code. So now we can extend Activity to create our own function. In this case, We will extend it to log messages.

Okay, Now tell me how to do it !

Step 1

Create Extension.kt file under util package and write the below code in it.

fun Activity.logd(message: String){
  if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) Log.d(, message) }

Extension function logd in Extensions.kt

To create an extension function, put the name of the class that you want to extend then put a dot (.) and then name of your function. In the above code, we are creating the extension function for Activity that will log the messages. And, that’s it! We created an extension function.

Step 2

Just call our very own created extension function from any activity. No need to create and pass TAG like before. Just write this.

logd("Fab button clicked")

Calling extension function from MainActivity

And your are Done!

Read further for more info on extension function-

With an extension function, you can extend and create your own function even if you don’t have access to the code. There are lots of possible uses of the extension function. Consider a case where you want a little modification in the library that you are using.

You can also create extension function to display toast in activity instead of writing in each of your activity like this

Toast.makeText(this, "Display toast", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

You can just create extension function such as

fun Activity.toast(message: String){
  Toast.makeText(this, message , Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


And call it from any activity as

toast("Display toast")


Awesome, right? Seems like giving super powers to existing functions in the class.

And that is all! Feedback appreciated. Thanks!

More about extension function here: